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Report from Baguio

Allow me to describe lunch today.  We had Indonesian Bar-B-Que.

Think about the BBQ we typically have in Texas.  We would have sweet iced tea.  The BBQ would be served on a tray covered by butcher paper.  There would be some kind of slaw and some kind of beans and/or potato salad.  The meat would be the star of the show - savory/sweet/smoky beef, pork, and chicken.  The meat would be complimented by some kind of BBQ sauce.
Now forget all about what we are accustomed to in Texas.
Our meal was served on a wooden slab covered by a huge palm frond.
To drink, we had cucumber lemonade and cherry iced tea.  Multi-flavor infusions are popular here, and they are sooooo refreshing.
As complimentary dishes, we had (i) the ubiquitous Asian sticky rice piled into the shape of a volcano, and (ii) a delicious "slaw" of mango, tomato, red onion, and some unknown kind of green.
On the the stars of the BBQ show...
We had bbq chicken" Indonesian style that would have been great BBQ chicken if served anywhere - smokey, sweet and with a nice crusty skin.. 
We also had skewered grilled chicken strips that were slathered with a citrusy baste that included spices that were totally unknown to us but totally delicious.
Then we had their amazing version of pork belly.  The pork is first slowly smoked, and then flash fried.  The result is meat that is crusty on the outside and succulent on the inside. 
Several sauces were served on the side.  One was a vinegar, oil and green pepper super-incendiary mix.  One was like a super sweet ketchup.  One was as dark and textury as refried beans, but was all deep, smoky heat.
Alan and I shared lunch with two Christian men who were driving us from meeting to meeting.  It was a "guy" lunch.  It was great.

Don Prather