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Wed Apr 25 @10:00AM -
Ladies Bible Class
Wed Apr 25 @ 7:00PM -
Wednesday Bible Study Class
Sun Apr 29 @ 9:00AM -
Sunday Morning Bible Study
Sun Apr 29 @10:00AM -
Sunday Morning Worship
Sun Apr 29 @ 6:00PM -
Sunday Evening Worship

More Great Programs

More Great Programs

            In our January 1, 2017 bulletin, "Two Great Programs - Two Areas Of Great Need" were highlighted. Our Food Bank, and our Best Friends in Faith (BFF) were put forward as signature efforts of the Liberty Church of Christ, and as two programs that deserve your time and effort.

            The article must have done some good. For some time, we have needed additional helpers to pick up (literally) some of the BFF kids. Susan Smith and sons responded to the article by volunteering to round up kids and return them home - thanks Susan and sons!

            I know that others also read the article. Why? Several pointed to other great program of the Liberty Church of Christ. This article is written to highlight those programs, and to encourage your involvement in them.

Bible Classes And Bible Class Teachers

            Bible classes are a standard, "core" church program. Because they are standard, they and the effort they require get lost in the shuffle as people look for something new and exciting.

            Bible classes are a great way for congregations to take care of one of the core responsibilities of churches - the building up members with Bible study (Eph. 4:15-16). The Liberty Church of Christ has XXX Bible class teachers.

            Opportunity for involvement: we need a teachers for our Wednesday Evening 4-5 Year-Old Class.

            Opportunity for involvement: attend Bible class every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.

Ladies Bible Class

            Rita Upton does a spectacular job with our Ladies Bible Class. Scheduled from 10:00-11:00 A.M. every Wednesday (and typically including lunch afterwards) our ladies meet to study subjects of particular interest.

            Opportunity for involvement: attend Ladies Bible class.

Ladies Devotional

            Another regularly scheduled small-group program, our ladies meet every first Monday of the month at 7:00 P.M.

            Opportunity for involvement: attend Ladies Devotional.

Men's Prayer Breakfast

            Like the regularly scheduled Ladies Devotional for women, our men meet once a month for breakfast and a devotional at 8:00 A.M. in our Family Life Center. This activity takes place every third Saturday of the month.

            Opportunity for involvement: attend our Men's Prayer Breakfast.

Sunday Evenings In Tarkington

            The small Church of Christ in Tarkington benefits from our help every second Sunday of the month when our young people lead their worship. Many of those who are involved with Sunday evenings in Tarkington also help the small church in Anahuac - way to go Danny and Daniel Balch!

            Opportunity for involvement: attend Sunday Evenings in Tarkington.

Nursing Home Singing

            Is it for them, or is it for us? Also on every second Sunday at 4:00 P.M., we meet for about 30 minutes of singing (who can't spare 30 minutes?) at a local nursing home.

            Opportunity for involvement: attend the nursing home singing.

Quilting Group

            Every Thursday, several of our ladies meet to share their quilting passion. The Quilting group provided some wonderful Christmas presents for our BFF kids.

            Opportunity for involvement: participate in the Quilting Group.

Brothers Keepers

            Providing opportunities for more small-group involvement and acting as the structure for our responses to crisis needs like funerals, our Brothers Keepers meet monthly.

            Opportunity for involvement: participate in Brothers Keepers.

"Calendar" Activities

            Several activities are a regular part of our annual calendar: Valentines Banquet (February), VBS (July), Fall Festival and Homecoming (October), Holiday Party/Luncheon (December).

            Opportunity for involvement: enjoy these activities with the rest of us.